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Fully Customized Tutoring To Suite Your Learning Needs

Who Can Benefit From Plumber Tutoring?

- Plumbers Prepping for The C. of Q. Exam

- Plumbers Prepping for the Interprovincial


- Students Prepping for Courses

- Apprentices Prepping for the Interprovincial


- Plumbers Prepping for the Interprovincial Exam

- Plumbers Prepping for the Contractor's Exam

- Plumbers New to Canada

- Long Time Plumbers Seeking Certification

What Can I Learn or Improve On?

- National Plumbing Code

  Book Navigation 

- Wet Venting

- Water Distribution Sizing

- Backflow Prevention

- Test Writing Skills   

 - Stacks, Stack Vents

  Vent Stacks, Vent Headers

- Circuit Venting

- Storm Drainage

- Materials and Much More

- Math Skills

- Anything Associated with the Interprovincial or C. of Q. Exam

*NOTE: As of November 2019 the Red Seal Interprovincial Exam has changed. Plumbers will no longer be provided with a code book to use during the exam. Some tables from the code will be supplied in the back of he exam where the figures (diagrams) are found. Please contact halhoke for more information.

Why Choose halhoke?

Tutoring Done On An Hourly Basis So You Only Pay For What You Want To Work On

All Tutoring Done In The Convenience of Your Own Home By SKYPE

Tutoring Delivered Canada Wide From The halhoke Professional Studio

Tutoring Includes Mentoring For Exam Preparation

halhoke Plumber Tutoring advocates for Plumbers to utilize as many resources as possible to help them prepare for their Exam including the use of free online tests, specialty documents available online, even other service providers offering cram sessions and practice questions.

What's most important is that you have gained the skills and confidence to pass your Exam on your own.

Call For Free Advice

I have helped countless Plumbers get their Certification and I am willing to review your situation with you to help get you on the best track towards achieving your goals.